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Our purpose: To inspire healing through loving, creative service.

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Neck and Back Pain Relief

  • Short Term Care for Your Neck and Back Pain

  • Accepts M.D. Referrals

  • Affordable

  • Same-day Appointments

  • Walk-ins Welcome

Tom Close Chiropractor Family Practice Monument CO, neck and back pain relief

Dear Patient :

Hi Everybody

We are open again and feel free to call us if you want to come in (719-481-3394)

We are not taking walk-ins until further notice.

We require everyone to wear a face mask please.

We are restricting appointment times so social distancing is facilitated.

We are employing 'due diligence' in sanitizing tables, instruments, etc. between patients.

Of course we are wearing masks.

So glad to be able to do our work again and hope you all are well.
We'll do our best to accomodate you ASAP.

Thanks a lot!

Dr. Tom and Nurse Linda


Hi Everyonej

Beginning July 1 (2020) we will no longer be billing Medicare. You can still receive care from us if you sign an ABN form. Our office call fee remains $40. This includes the first visit and also all subsequent visits. There is an additional $15 fee if one elects to have dry needling/acupuncture.

Please call us if any questions (719) 481-3394.

Thanks a lot,

Dr Tom and Nurse Linda

Dr. Tom Close has been in practice for 40 years and counting. He is a cumlaude graduate of Western States Chiropractic College, Board Certified in Acupuncture since 1984 and a postgraduate Diplomate in Classical Homeopathy as well as Neuromechanical, Koren Specific, Bioenergetic Synchronization, Activator, Neurocranial integration and Zone healing. His practice includes effective treatment of back and neck pain, headaches, shoulder arm hand pain and numbness, hip knee ankle foot pain and numbness, fibromyalgia, arthritis, digestive, menstrual and other conditions as well as athletic injuries and wellness optimization.

Dr. Close practices with Linda Close, R.N., who was a neonatal intensive care nurse-practitioner for 12 years and now practices C.S.I. Craniospinal Integration and Chi Kung Healing Touch. They have been to China and Dr. Tom has been to India to study and practice complementary healing.

Linda Close, R.N. was elected to the governing board of the National Chi Kung Association!

Dr. Tom spent a weekend with Dr. Stuart McGill, probably the most eminent authority on Low Back Pain....adviser to some of the world top athletes and people with extreme back conditions. We have a lot of new insights and approaches to treating these conditions and are pleased with the results.

Our regular office hours are:

  • Wednesday: noon - 6 PM
  • Friday: noon - 6 PM

NOTE: Dr. Tom and Nurse Linda will be gone:

  • Friday, Jan. 17
  • Friday, Feb 7

Nurse Linda's schedule will approximate his.

We accept WALK-INS and offer SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS whether you are a new or established patient.

It's still ideal to have a reserved appointment if you can call us: 719-481-3394.

We may close for inclement weather. On snowy days, please call us: 719-481-3394.

The office call fee of $40 includes Chiropractic analysis and adjustment, fascial release and neurocranial integration. First visit fee is also $40 which includes the above plus a history, consultation, and longer exam.


Our patients are getting a lot of benefit from a self-care procedure called Do It Yourself Joint Pain Relief. Simple and easy instructions can be found for FREE by searching either of these websites: "diyjointpainrelief.com" or "garycrowley.com". ("garycrowley.com" will lead you immediately to the same site).

Watch the two minute introduction and then select from the menu on the left border which will guide you to specific techniques for a given area (for example: "neck pain" "low back pain" "hip pain" "shoulder pain", etc.).

The procedures don't take long and invariably help the underlying muscle tension involved in any painful condition. And often they will give immediate relief.

Most patients have an underlying complex of muscles that have been tight for many years and anything that helps reduce that tension will help healing and pain relief.

This website by my friend Gary, a physical therapist, is really clear and easy and quick to follow and implement, so please check it out.

Even though I get Chiropractic every week, I also have been spending about 5 minutes a day (literally about 5 minutes!) doing these "press, hold, move" procedures and they are really helping the wellbeing of my 70 year old "corporeal being".

Please check it out and call me if any questions.

Dr. Tom


We are now offering pulsed electromagnetic field therapy ("PEMF"), a remarkably effective therapy that has been used for years by hospitals to speed up bone healing, and NASA in its space program to help astronauts adapt to the stress of space travel.

It has been proven to be quite beneficial for many complaints including back and neck pain, fibromyalgia and even allergies, injuries, arthritis and many others. There are hundreds of evidence based research articles available on line or you can call me for more information.

A 15 minute session is only $15 and often a lot of benefit is experienced after just one treatment! (If it is combined with a Chiropractic office call, the charge is just $10). After two treatments, one can get more result with a 30 minute treatment if one chooses and is willing to take the time out from our rushed schedules..........it tends to be really relaxing ! (30 min. sessions are $25...or $15 if you're getting adjusted that day)

Our office staff (Vicki and Kelie) are really great people and we try our best to make you feel at home. If you feel we are not a friendly and caring office, we have a money-back refund policy.

Can you imagine not having to wait at a doctor’s office? We have a no-wait policy and it’s very unusual to wait more than a few minutes.

Our office is at 240 Beacon Lite Road, in Monument, Colorado. Our phone number is 719-481-3394. Call us today for an appointment. We will do our best to help you.